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B E T S Y  &  E L S:   A B O U T.

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H E R E   I   A M   &   T H I S   I S   M E:

H E L L O   T H E R E.

Hello, hi and good-day. Welcome to the world of Betsy & Els.


My name is Helen and I am a designer maker who lives by the sea. I love walking my dog Oscar, filling my pockets with shells or stones (or other interesting bits), baking sourdough loaves and working on my laser cutter.


I work with paper, card, wood, plywood and acrylics to turn your imaginings into lovely real-life things.

S O   I T   S T A R T E D:

Helen from Betsy & Els

T H I S   I S   M E.

Betsy & Els is built around some of my loves, lifelong passions and best bits.


My three awesome children + my seaside home + my passion for making + walks along the beach + my design-led past + collecting beach findings + my love for laser cutting + my knowledge in computer aided design (CAD)  = Betsy & Els.

My daughters Beth and Ella (aka Betsy & Els) are two of the people who allowed me to believe that I could be a successful designer maker.


I originally trained in Fine Art and Graphic Design before leaving my home town and venturing to London to work in multi-discipline design. After working in design for many years, life brought me back home to Lytham where my heart and family is. I love our beautiful coastline and the many (often wild) walks I take on the beaches. Lytham is unique and always been the centre of my life, continually pulling me back.

M Y   L O V E   F O R  M A K I N G:

I have always loved making. 


Even when I was little I used to delight in taking things apart to find out how they worked and (sometimes) putting them back together again - this was never very popular with my Mum, especially the wooden red piano incident...


Over the years my fascination with making grew. I have explored making things with gorgeous raw materials like paper, card, acrylics, woods, silver, metals and more.


I love finding new materials, new colours and new tools to fuel my addiction to the making process.

I F   Y O U   A R E   G I V E N

C R E A T I V I T Y,   Y O U  

C A N ' T   H I D E   I T   O R

F I G H T   I T


Y O U   N E E D   T O   G E T   I T

O U T   &   U S E   I T  

W H A T   I   M A K E:

I love working on my laser cutter to create special and unique gifts, products, cards and commissions.

I have a constantly evolving collection available on my ETSY SHOP, but please CONTACT ME if you have an idea for a personal design.